Solo Brands model

Our vision is to build the next generation of commerce on the internet, driven by excellent, distinctive, emotionally-connected brands that are able to deliver simple and clear value to their customers in unique ways. We believe in a future of many brands, each thriving in their own right with their own culture and their own communities. We also believe in empowering these brands with best-in-class fulfillment and operations, best-in-class digital & technical expertise, and best-in-class customer service to drive the best customer experience on the internet.

We believe in a multi-brand ecosystem, not a faceless Megastore. We believe the path to better customer experiences is through empowering distinctive and beloved brands with best-in-class technology, processes and operations. We exist to serve our brands, not the other way around.

Solo Brands waterscape

We are the direct-to-consumer experts. We have a combined 50+ years of DTC experience in our executive team, an impressive feat considering the infancy of modern e-commerce. This experience ranges from soft goods to hard goods, small 1lb. packages to 50lb firepits, owned manufacturing to high integrity manufacturing networks, 3PLs to owned-and-operated fulfillment warehouses, social media advertising to large-scale orchestrated campaigns through our DSP partners. From small to large we know what it takes to scale DTC brands while ensuring an excellent customer experience and driving massive profitability.

We build brands the right way. Brand-building took a hard left turn with the introduction of E-commerce. VC investors fueled much of early digital brand growth and conflated lifestyle brands with technology companies, focusing on revenue growth at all costs. We, however, have learned through experience that the path to scalable and sustainable growth in our industry is through remarkable profitability. Each of the brands in our portfolio are not only beloved by their customers, but also have an excellent financial profile that allows them to fuel their own growth. To learn more about the special profile of our business, check out our S-1 here.